Fifth and Sixth Grade

  • Creating a unique roots report throughout the year.

  • Expansion of the literary repertoire – going deeper into philosophical parables and a unique book that accompanies the class through the year. Analyzing poetry, short story, a parable, a recitation, a novel, a popular story, diary, idioms and proverbs.

  • Practice linguistic issues and languaging – slang, every day speech, the effects of other languages, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and his inventions, the language of the Bible and midrash.

  • Deepening the knowledge of Israeli tradition and Jewish holidays – Familiarity with the historical stories, the development of icons, holiday customs and more.

Fifth & Sixth Grade Teacher – Yael Marx

 Yael has been working as a teacher for almost twenty years. She has a BA degree in literature and cinema studies, and MA in literature, as well as high school teaching certificate. Yael has taught in Israeli and American high schools, and after school Hebrew schools. In addition to her teaching position in the Israeli School of Lexington, Yael teaches Hebrew in Temple Shir Tikva in Winchester as well as one-on-one tutoring at her house. Yael enjoys teaching through dialogue with her students. She believes in the written word, literature, and its power to educate, enrich and please the reader. Besides teaching, Yael is an active artist and presents her work in exhibitions. Her work centers on acrylic painting. Yael is married to Renan and mother of three girls: Halel, Dror and Gaya.