Fourth Grade

  • Developing description, explanation, comparison and expression skills, using complex sentences while maintaining the language rules.

  • Expanding the repertoire of Israeli songs and stories along with the capability to describe and retell them.

  • Accurate and fluent reading of one-page or more stories, while monitoring the punctuation and correct intonation when reading.

  • Expanding familiarity with different types of literature such as a poem book, advertisement, short interview, short story and beginning to read children’s newspapers and magazines.

  • Developing the ability to write a short story, interview and informative text.

  • Enhancing knowledge of Jewish holidays, traditions and Jewish and Israeli culture and the ability to summarize the value or central idea of a holiday and to express a personal opinion.

  • Link between the stories of the Torah to the Jewish tradition, and familiarity with basic concepts of Judaism.

Fourth Grade Teacher –