• Developing a clear and fluent self-expression ability through the use of the vocabulary learned.

  • Expanding the repertoire of songs, rhymes and Israeli stories and becoming familiar with  popular Israeli writers and poets.

  • Identifying, reading and writing the Hebrew alphabet letters and some of the vowels, and being able to read the first words (“Ima”, “Aba”, “Shalom”, etc.) by the end of the year.

  • Increasing familiarity with the culture and the Israeli and Jewish tradition, knowledge of customs, songs and stories related to Jewish holidays and Israeli events and exposure to the historical stories (at a general level) that lie behind the holidays.

Kindergarten Teacher – Angela Schatz

Angela Schatz has been teaching preschool through first grade at the Israeli School in Lexington, MA since 2007. A graduate of Lesley University in 2001, she has many talents: Creative Dance specialist; Israeli Folk dance instructor/facilitator; Tot Shabbat leader, and Conversational Hebrew instructor. Angela has a rich background in dance, having choreographed and performed in both Israel and the U.S. (where she now lives in Arlington). Angela’s joy of teaching is evident in the classroom where she utilizes song, art, games, dance, hard work, and joy. She uses her skills and experience to teach 2-to-95-year-olds.