Third Grade

  • Emphasis on improving reading fluency and accuracy – precise readings as a combination of letters and vowels and regular reading of texts and short stories.

  • Text analysis and comprehension improvement – identifying a central idea in the text and drawing conclusions after reading the text.

  • Exposure to different styles in literature: short story, poem book, a parable, legend, poetry, posters, comics.

  • Implementation process of writing in script, while dividing the alphabet to groups and consistent practice.

  • Learning structured and open writing.

  • Expending the vocabulary by using synonyms, linguistic enrichment – Male – Female, single – plural, antonyms, word pairs, rhyming words, roots, diverting time, distinguishing between types of sentence, punctuation (quotation marks, question mark / reading, colon), confusion of words, Word games (he and She), phrases and meanings, and so on.

  • Expanding and deepening the knowledge of Jewish holidays and traditions, recognizing the historical narratives, customs, songs, stories and related legends.

Third Grade Teacher – Zohar Mamet