Preschool (גנון) – Limor Mehalel (לימור מהלל)

Kindergarten (גן חובה) – Angela Schatz (אנג’לה שץ)

Angela Schatz has been on staff at the Israeli School in Lexington, MA since 2007. She currently teaches kindergarten and in the past has also taught preschool and first grade.

A graduate of Lesley University in 2001, Angela has many skills, including Creative Dance specialist , Israeli Folk dance instructor/facilitator, Tot Shabbat leader, and Conversational Hebrew instructor. Angela has a rich background in dance, having taught, choreographed and performed in both Israel and the U.S.

Angela’s joy of teaching is evident in the classroom, where she utilizes song, arts and crafts, games, dance, hard work, love and joy. She uses her skills and experience to teach babies to 98 year-olds in the greater Boston area.

First grade (כיתה א) – Irit Hamami (אירית חממי)

Second & Third grade (כיתה ב) – Iris Rozenberg (איריס רוזנברג)

My name is Iris Rozenberg and this is my seventh year, not consistently, teaching Hebrew, Holidays, Geography, Torah stories and Israeli culture. I have an experience of 18 years in teaching English, Hebrew and Judaic. I have B.A in Education from Tel Aviv University, M.B.A in Human resources from Polytechnic N.Y university and a teaching certificate from Lewinsky college.

Two of my daughters graduated and one is still a student at our school. Residing with my family in the U.S.A. for the past 15 years, originally from Haifa, Israel.
I am very happy and proud to be a part of our warm and supporting community.

שמי איריס רוזנברג, זוהי השנה השביעית (לא ברציפות)  בה אני מלמדת עברית, חגים, גאוגרפיה, סיפורי תורה ותרבות ישראלית. אני בעלת ניסיון של 18 שנים בהוראת אנגלית, עברית ויהדות ונושאת תואר ראשון בחינוך מאוניברסיטת תל אביב, תואר שני במנהל עסקים בהתמחות משאבי אנוש, מאוניברסיטת פוליטכניק ניו יורק ותעודת הוראה ממכללת לוינסקי.
שתי בנותיי למדו ואחת עדיין הינה לומדת בבית הספר הישראלי. מתגוררת עם משפחתי בארה״ב 15 שנים, ילידת חיפה.
שמחה מאוד וגאה להיות חלק מהקהילה התומכת והנעימה שלנו.

Fourth grade (כיתות ג – ד) – Lilach Lior Zohar (לילך ליאור זוהר)

Middle School (כיתת הבוגרים)- Zohar Mamet (זוהר ממט)

Leadership Group (קבוצת מנהיגות) – Yael Marx (יעל מרקס)

Yael has been working as a teacher for almost twenty years. She has a BA degree in literature and cinema studies, and MA in literature, as well as high school teaching certificate. Yael has taught in Israeli and American high schools and after school Hebrew schools.

In addition to her teaching position in the Israeli School of Lexington, Yael teaches Hebrew in Temple Shir Tikva in Winchester as well as one-on-one tutoring at her house. She enjoys teaching through dialogue with her students and believes in the written word, literature, and its power to educate, enrich and please the reader.

Besides teaching, Yael is an active artist and presents her work in exhibitions. Her work centers on acrylic painting. Yael is married to Renan and mother of three girls: Halel, Dror and Gaya.

Assistant Teacher (סייעת) – Sharon Rochman (שרון רוכמן)

School Principal and Educational Director (מנהל) – Barak Cerf (ברק סרף)